Atlanta Landscapes and Pools: Five Simple Ideas to Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Want to give your yard a little pick-me-up? Michael Schoen of Atlanta Landscapes and Pools, an experienced Landscape Designer, offers these simple ideas that can add some life and vitality to your space.

1. A Few Large Pavers

Identify a nice nook in your yard and replace the lawn with pavers. All you need is a good four-by-four foot space. Once the pavers are in place, you can set a bench, a chaise, a hammock or even a small bistro table. Colorful cushions and a planter bring it all together.

2. A Stone or Paver Walkway

Create flow in your yard by adding a walkway. Your walkway can be crafted from stepping stones, pavers or gravel. You can even plant a different type of grass to create a walkway. Line the walkway with solar lights, stones, or flowers.

3. Colorful Plants or Planters

Nothing brings a yard to life like a bit of color. You can add color in a number of ways. If you have planters in your yard, paint them a bright color and create a unified theme. For example, your outdoor furniture cushions can match the painted planters in your yard. You can also add color with flowers.

4. Create a Living Wall of Plants

Living walls are walls of plants. You can wedge hanging plants or succulents into a few pallets and mount them onto your fence or the side of your home or garage. You can also mount planters in a display on a fence or wall so that they grow together and create a wall of foliage. It can be a nice focal point in your yard.

5. A Quiet Place With Trees

Identify a small area of your yard for solitude. It might be near a large tree or a hedge. Place a bench there; you can buy interesting ones at second-hand or vintage stores. Position planters around it or a small fountain nearby and enjoy.

Finally, consider adding fragrance to your yard. Lavender is a lovely plant that’s quite hardy. You might consider roses or another fragrance that you enjoy. It’s a little bit of decadence in your own back yard. The right outdoor furniture can feel luxurious too. Next time we’ll take a look at the best materials for outdoor furniture.

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