A Professional Landscaper Offers Seven Tips to Maximize Your Back Yard

Do you have a small back yard or outdoor space? Even small spaces can be multi-purpose. You can garden and have friends and family over if you have a good Landscape Design. Michael Schoen of Atlanta Landscapes and Pools, serving Metro Atlanta, has some steps you can take to make the most of your small space.

1. Go Up With Your Landscaping

Use fencing, a trellis or hanging features to plant up. For example, you can plant vines and ivy and position them so that they have a surface to climb up. This gives your small space a sense of height and it also helps you add interest and greenery. If you want to truly maximize your space then you might plant vines that produce food. For example, green beans like to crawl up trellis and fencing.

2. Clutter Free Back Yard

The minimalist look is the way to go if you have a small outdoor space to work with. The less clutter you have, the larger the space will feel. Keep all shrubs and trees neatly trimmed. And if possible, trim them up above the roofline to add height to the space and to keep it from feeling cluttered.

3. Focal Point in Your Landscape Design

Create a focal point for your space. It will help pull the space together and make you feel like you’re getting the most from your yard. You can use art, foliage, and outdoor elements like an outdoor fireplace to create a focal point in your yard.

4. Prioritize: Garden or Entertaining in Your Backyard

Consider the top two or three priorities for your space. For example, is gardening most important or is welcoming friends and family more important? This consideration must be made before you start planning so that all of your landscape design choices support your priorities. Perhaps an Inground Pool will be the best thing for your family because you have older children who

5. Leverage Containers

Containers help add color and purpose. For example, you can use planters to plant flowers and add color that way. You can also buy painted planters to add color. Planters can also be used to grow vegetables. You might be surprised how well a tomato plant grows in a planter.

6. Consider Adding Wheels

Being able to move the items in your space can help it be more functional. For example, if you can wheel the grill out of the way when you’re not using it, you free up valuable space.

7. When It’s Time to Splurge

If you have a small space to work with, you might feel more comfortable if you choose high-end pieces. Since you’re only purchasing a small amount of furniture, like a bistro set, you can spend a little more. And it will help maximize your space and make it feel more user friendly.

Your yard, regardless of the size, is an important space. Take the time to decide what you want from your space. Draw out your Landscape Design and make sure your needs are taken into consideration. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a nice outdoor space that functions well for you and your family. The key, however, is in the details.

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